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Honda NC30 VFR400.
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This was bought earlier this year as a bike to do up and sell, but when I got it home it has one of the sweetest sounding engines I have heard on a NC30 or NC35. The guy I bouight it from had spent a small fortune on genuine parts for the bike but was then knocked off at low speed so decided to sell the bike as no longer wished to ride on the road.
I have decided to keep it now, was going to fit RVF bodywork to it, but have stumbled across a set of mint RC30 coloured panels so have struck a deal and these will be going on her.

Pictures to follow, plus a lot of trick bits.

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Stock motor.
HRC Ignition.
RVF Exhaust System, with MTC Ti Can.

RLR Rear Sets


CBR600RR front Callipers.
Goodridge Braides Lines Front and Back.

Body Work.
RC30 Colours.
Tyga Front Mudguard.

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