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"Sponsorship - Can you help?"

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Motorcycle racing is a very expensive sport to compete in at any level, hence the need for sponsorship. When you are trying to be competitive in any market place you need as much backing and support as is possible, be it moral, technical or financial.

As a sponsor there are many different things that we can offer in return.
Advertising on the machine is just a starter, race meeetings that we will be taking part in can be attended, local and national press coverage plus photo's for your office or home. These can be arranged to best suit you and will be tailored to your own needs.

For our part we will be giving 110% this season. You can see from the other pages on this site that we can deliver the results even in our first season, with new bikes, new tracks and next to no budget. In our second season we managed to secure two championship titles and a best necomers award at the Southern 100 road races. I am sure 2003  will be even

I must add at this point a "BIG THANK YOU" to all my present sponsors for their help and faith in us again this season. Cheers one and all. Please see Sponsors Page for full list of this seasons sponsors.

You can contact us in the first instance through E-mail and we will be only to pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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