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ABR 2008 #2 RVF4RR NC35 is to be built over the winter. Was to be raced by Alastair as spare/wet bike next season. Due to Addition of RS250 and the 250TT now need to sell to fund 2008 race plans.

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2008 ABR RVF4RR :

74 bhp. RLR Stage 3.
Ram Air System.
Carbon Fibre Enlarged Air Box.
Gas Flowed Heads.
Modified Inlet Ports.
Skimmed High Compresion Heads.
NGK Race Plugs.
RLR Race CDI Ignition.
Kit Alloy Top & Bottom Rad.
Sparco Rad Hoses.
Mercury Full Race Twin Stack Exhaust System.
Carbon Engine Armour.

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2006 Chassis:
SES Made Fairing Brackets.
Alloy Bolt Kit.
NC30 Fuel Tank.
Ferrodo Brake Pads.
Braided Lines.
Penske Rear Shock.
Maxton Re-Sprung Front Forks.

Carbon Fibre Frame Protectors.
EBC Pro-Lites.
AMS Race Fairings.
HRC RVF Seat Unit.
Harris Clip-ons.
SES Alloy Clock Mount.
SES Alloy Fairing Mount.
ABR Race Wiring Loom.

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For Sale.
Ready Now to Win Races.
Genuine Race Winning Pedigree.

Spares Included at asking prices:-
Wets on Wheels(with Discs)
Foot Pegs
Selection of Sprockets
Standard CDi
Seat Unit
Fairing lowers.
Set Plugs
Brake Pads
Fairing Bracket.

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Last Updated 27/01/2008
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