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Honda RVF400 NC35
13,000 kms miles bike.


Termiginmoni/Standard Race system.
HRC Kitted Carbs.
Carbon Fibre Big Air Box.
Race CDi.
Totally De-Restricted.
Trimmed Wiring Loom.
Rest totally Standard.
Thermostat Removed.
Carbon Fibre Engine Case Protectors.

Rebuilt and refreshed front forks.
Running smaller Air Gap to Limit Bottoming Out.

New Goodrigde Rear  Braided Brake Line.
Mini Carbon Front Master Cylinder Resevior.
Avon Azuro Tryres, Loads of Life in them.
Rear Ride Height Raiser Plate.
SES Rear Sets.
HRC Rear Brake Resivoir.
Carbon Yoke Protector.

Trick Bits

As above plus:-
Stainless Steel Bolt kit, neasrly every bolt changed.
Carbon Tank Protector.

Pukka Trackday Tool or Very Good Enrty Into F400 Racing.

1950.00 ovno

For more details please contact:
01695 724893
07795 263 109
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Honda RVF400 NC35 was bought to turn into race bike, but plans have now changed.
Mechanically the bike is exellent.
Fairing and Seat Unit is all brand new painted Fibre Glass.
Very nice bike in need of good home.
Looks mean as hell in dark red and black finish.
Have to sell to fund 2008 racing after loss of sponsorship, was to be my spare bike for next season.

And also have to pay my bill at RLR and pay for the TT and British Grand Prix on the RS250. Motorsport for my race bike.

Last Updated 27/04/2008
Contact ABR Motorsport at :

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Comes with spare set levers.
Standrad Foot Rests.
Standard CDi.
Spare Belly Pan.
Spare Standard Seat Unit, usable as spare.
Standard Air Box Lid.
Standard Brake Resv's.

(Rear Stand Not Included.)
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Bike Has been fully stripped and rebuilt over last 2 months.
Everything, greased, cleaned or replaced.

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