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RGV250 K VJ21.
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Project RGV!!!

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Check progress pictures - CLICK HERE.

Bike is now 98% complete, and looks great, just needs new chain and little touches to finish.

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Before the strip down.
Frame has been powder coated black.
Huxley Race Cans have been ordered.
Wheels respayed.
M model Upside Down Forks.
New Cables and Bearing all through bike.
ABE Wavey Discs Ordered.
RS250 Honda Body Work Planned to be fitted.

This is bike August 2004.
Still needs work but no time during summer due to racing and winter project this year mean may have to wait a bit longer.
Has had a new engine and Nikkon Pipes fitted, all new bearings and gaskets, powder coated frame and wheels, got RS250 Honda bodywork to fit to it and she will be ready to rock and roll.

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December 2004 - Project restarted.
Motor has been fully rebuilt by Colin Wilcox to the Colin Skillcorn tune.
A new frame has been ordered as the last one was a RGV250 WOLF and has no fairing mounts!!
Nikkon pipes were fitted, ABE discs ready to go on.
Forks going to Kais for a refresh and check over.
RS250 body work idea put on back burner, for now.

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January 2005
ABE Wavey Discs fitted.
Kit Power Valve covers fitted.
All engine and running gear fitted in new frame.
Forks reworked by Kais.
Nearly back together.

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Febuary 2006
Bike now near complete.
Just needs chain and indicators fitting.
Now has alloy chain adjusters as well.
Bike sounds brilliant and started first time after being stood for 14 months!!!

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