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Honda VFR750R RC30
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Current Spec:-
Totally Standard!!
7000miles on the clock.

Work Done:-
Forks currently at Kais for new oil, seals and spring upgrade. (Done)
Shock also at Kais for service and re-gas.(Done)
Carbs stripped and cleaned, new jets as been stood for 3 years.

Tastefull Changes From Standard:-
Marvic Rear wheel, For newer rubber fitments.(ebay!)
Termignoni Full System with Carbon Can.(Italy)
Set Up at Motrac.
(Ellesmere Port)
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New Pics to follow soon.
These were taken when I bought the bike in August 2006.

Bike now making 107.3BHP at back wheel with full Termi System fitted.

All above work now done and bike ready for MOT.

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The RC30 has been stood for nearly 3 years and needs a good service. The Carbs were all gummed up and blocked to have been sent to Motrac for cleaning, while there the valve clearences will be checked and oil and filter fitted.
I have ordered a Termignoni Full System for the bike and this will also be fitted and jetted to suit.
Mods on this bike will be kept to a minimum, only things that are kind to the bike, the full system lets it breath like it should and not be strangled by the standard system. A 17"" Marvic rear wheel is going on as well, just so the RC can have the best modern rubber as no one makes good 18" rear rubber these days.

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