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Motor Cycle  Racing Consumables.
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Fed up with paying over the odds for the little thing you need to go racing, me too. Here are a few bits that I can offer to you at discount prices to keep the price of racing as low as possible.

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Gaffer Tape. 25mmx5mt.
Red, Blue, Black, Silver and White.
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1" Nylon Rachet Tie Downs
2.50 each
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Gaffer Tape. 50mmx25mt
Silver and Black.

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4" Cable Ties
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8" Cable Ties
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6" Cable Ties
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12" Cable Ties
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14"  H/Duty Cable Ties

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Electrical Insolation Tape.
0.70/33mtx19mm Roll

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Super Glue. Liquid and Gel.
1.00 Tube

Aslo New Honda Generators at great prices, e-mail or phone with your spec and I will get straight back with prices.

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Last Updated 20/11/2003
Contact ABR Motorsport at :

Payment by cash or cheque only.
Postage charges will apply on orders under 30.00.
Between 0.50 - 5.00 dependant on size and weight.
Or arrange to meet at a race meeting.
Some stocks will be carried at meetings.
Phone : 077 6121 5927 for more details