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Results will be posted here from Southern 100 and Manx Grand Prix during the races.

My Mobile number while in the Isle of Man is 0762 44 33 174.

I have updated during the year honest.
Major revamp over xmas hols, promise.

Major site update.
Nearly half all pages updated, have a look round.
07 RVF
All updated.
Gixxer is getting sprayed as I type this.
RVF just back fro RLR
I havce a NC30 race bike in the garage that I am unsure wether to sell or race next year in Forgotten Era, keep looking back to see if she gets the ABR treatment or gets sold!!!

Please drop me a line with feedback if you want more info on anything or would like more pics.

Well another season comes to an end, lloks like I only update this once a year but results are always upto date. Hope this is OK with you all.
Yesterday was the last race of the season and finished on a high with 2 wins at Oulton Park in very tricky weather conditions. The RVF was a dream to ride and have to thank Ricky at RLR for the work he put in after our trobles at Anglesy the round before.
CBR has now been sold, had to go to buy a RC30 Honda, my dream bike.
I have since bought a Suzuki GSXR600 for 2007 season as well, not sure what I will be doing on it yet but hope to do a couple of Endurance races and a few short circuit races with it, as wellas areturn to the big classes at the S100, after missing the S100 this year I fully intend to be back in 2007.

Been updating the site but not the news page.
CBR600 now back on the road. That is one trick road bike!!
No more road racing for me, just short circuit.
Not even started my race bike for 2006 yet, looks like will be starting the year on my old trusty RVF05, with nowt more than an oil and filter change. Not used her since the Steam Packet Races back in June 2005.
RGV info all been updated, god I love those bikes.
Now got me a VFR400 as well, making it into a RC30 Replica.
I will be Endurance racing again this year but the KRC calinder was that later coming out and that thin on good races that may only be at 2 rounds.

Sorry again it has been so long in updating, have been adding bits to the site but not much.
Done a load of updates today, still not done a Manx diary yet but will given time.
All bikes now listed here click
More info to follow soon. I will be helping out 2 riders next year on RVF's. One on my spare bike and another technical back up and support. Two very good "Young" riders.


Sorry not updated for a long while, but with the KRC, 600 and 400 to prep and race this season thing are a bit busy.
600 is now all fully sorted, just added a Maxton shock, loverly bike.
400 is flying as well.
KRC Gixxer will be sorted for Pembrey at the end of the month after its litttle off at Snett, all is fine and will have full system fitted by then as well.
Well off to get sorted for the Southern 100, see you all soon.
Manx entry confirmed by the way, and got first national Road Race win at Scraborough last weekend as well.

CBR600RR is all up ready to go, had first outing at Anglesey at the weekend, brilliant.
RVF04 was also out again with hardly any work since last season, only new CBR600RR calipers fitted.
The RVF05 is coming along as well, waiting for bits at the moment and will need engine refreshed which is at RLR Motorsports at the moment.
First round of the KRC is only 10 days away, GSXR750 has been out at Mallory today and was at Oulton last weekend, so should be ready. All we need now is the entry to be confirmed!!

Sorry been a long time since updated this page, I have been updating the site though.
Firstly, look like we will only be doing 3 of the 5 rounds in the KRC this season, 1 round clashes with the NW200 and the other is a 24 hour race, we are not prepared to stand the cost finacially or machine wise to do this race, so 3 rounds it is, Snetterton, Pembrey and Donnington on the
The CBR600RR is coming along nicely as well, just ordered Creations Engine Armour for it and a GPR Steering Damper, full system and PCIII all fitted.
RVF 03 has gone away to have frame polished and the engine to RLR Motorsorts to be fefreshed, this is the bike that i will ride at the Manx GP in 2005, as well as the CBR600RR.
I have just ordered a new frame for the RGV250K Special as the original is actually a RGV250 WOLF ans cant be made to accept the RGV fairings.

Rider History Added
Results Finalised.
Well we are Double Championship winners again in 2004.
Who would have bet on that 12 months ago when I could hardly move my arm after the Manx GP crash.
I would like to thank all those who have helped me this year, a big thankyou to Richard Pennington and Rob Redpath for help and providing the RGV250.
On to 2005 now!!

Finally got a ride in the Anglesey Grand, shame the 600RR will not be ready only riding the RVF.
Plans look sorted for 2005.
Southern 100 - RVF400 and CBR600RR
Manx Grand Prix - RVF400 and CBR600RR
KRC Endurance Championship - GSXR750K4

Sorry not updated for a bit, had to buy a new PC.
Had 2 race wins on the RVF400 last weekend and think won the Nantwich and Cheshire Championship, but not sure as yet.
Started to prep the CBR600RR for next season, not time to get sorted before the Anglesy Grand which is a shame.
I have decided to carry on with my plans for next season and will race at the Southern 100 and Manx Grand Prix plus selected one off rides, no full championships though.
There is also the offer of a ride in the KRC on either a GSXR100 or R1, but we will see what comes of that later in the year.

Following the tragic events of the last week I am considering giving up racing at the end of this season now and not racing next season. I have seen to many close friend hurt this year and feel that I need to see more of my family. This is a purely personal choice and may change when I have had time to relfect on the past few days. May I wish Shaun Maddern a swift recovery and my deepest sypathies to Gavin and Tommy's family and friends. Today is a dark day but filled with light happy memories .

Lot to tell and not much time so will be quick.
HONDA RS250 Sold.
Honda RVF400 road bike sold.
Honda CBR600RR3 bought for road races in 2005 ie Manx GP and Southern 100, plus hopefully some Irish Races and Aberdare if time and funds permit.
2004 Crewe and Cheshire 250 Forgotten Era Champions on Richard Penningtons Carrafglenn Suzuki RGV250.
Second in Crewe and Cheshire Formula 400 Championship after drawing on point for the Championship but loosing one count back of number of wins:(

Sorry not updated for a long while.
Had a big off at Tomfanau in May which ended up in me in the Air Ambulance again, leather cut off me again and a stay in Hospital again. Thanks to all that help especially Rob and Rich.
RS250 is now been raced but we had a small problem with advance on the ignition which no need a new piston.
The 04 RVF400 is a rocket ship and took me to two 4th place finishes at the Southern 100 again this year, thats six race I have done at the S100 and six 4th places!!!
Thanks to Ricky at RLR Motorsports for building me a sweet motor.
Also got a 4th place finish at the Jurby South Road races in the Isle of Man, stayed on after the S100 and had a bounce round there, that is one bumpy circuit.
RVF road bike is for sale, see for sale section.
RS250 may also have to go as my race budget is very low.
TT is out next year to as they have scrapped the 400 class, Manx also may be out unless can attract so new support as family and home life has sapped the race funds at the moment.
Next year is looking unsure at the moment and may well retire at the end of this season, to old and not as daft and brave as I was, two big offs in 9 month have taken there toll I think.

Been real busy and not done much to the site just lately.
Results all listed from main page, we been doing quite well!
Just bought a 1998 Honda RS250 to race for the rest of the season.
The 04 RVF400 is still at RLR Motorsport but is due at the end of the month, has already shown 76bhp on the dyno but there is still more to come.
Got a break for a few weeks now so should be able to update the site and get all the bikes sorted before the next race.

I can confirm that I will be riding in the Forgotten Era upto 500cc class at Anglesey and Tomfanau this season on a RGV250K kindly provided by Richard Pennington, I have accepted his offer to ride the bike this season and I am very much looking forward to riding it for the first time on April 3rd.
We had planned to test on Saturday but due to bad weather at Anglesey the test session was cancelled.
More news to follow as I get it.

May still be riding a RGV250 in Forgotten Era this season, will let you know when I have had more details and tested the bike, but is looking good.
RVF400 Road bike is nearly finished, take a look here.

RVF400 2004 Race bike is being built as you read this, this bike is going to be so good to look at i will not want to race it, take a peek here.

Had major PC crash and lost a lot of the site, most things back on line now.

Major Site update, all over.
X-rays from MGP crash added here.

RGV250 Racer has been sold, needed to sell to fund repairs to the Manx GP bike. Turned into a bit of a night mare, never buy a bike of ebay!
I am now back at work, Booo! - But at least I am back at work if you know what I mean. Still going to physio twice a week and movment getting better each day and pain is less each day as a rule.
Got big plans for the RVF's next season, the 04 bike should look

R1 Sold, delivered and gone:(
RGV Pages Updated.
Monkey Pages Updated.
Recovery coming on well, hope to be back to work in the next couple of weeks. Starting going to the Gym this week as well as still having Physio twice a week.
New RVF frame sent for Polishing, the 04 model is going to be sexy!!
Not started looking at RGV Racer yet, but that should also be very trick by the time it hits the track, still bloody slow, but trick.

My recovery after my Manx GP crash is coming on slowly, but heading in the right direction. I am aiming to make it out for the first race next season.
Plans for next season are still a bit in the air, the R1 is still for sale. The RVF400 that was raced at the Manx is now in a stacker box and a skip, not sure if rebuilding it is worth the effort, but she did save my life so I recon I will.
I have also got a RGV250L for forgotten Era next season, totally standard but will get me back on track. I still also have my trusty RVF400 as well.
Site news -
RGV250 section added in profile.
RVF400 section updated.
Manx GP diary being done as and when I can.
Monkey section added in Profile.
For Sale section Updated.

Season Highlight being done this week.

Manx Grand Prix was a bit of a disaster, more details to follow in Manx GP section, some pics added.
My R1 is for sale - Click for details.

This is the last entry before the Manx GP,
I have had a rest from racing the last few weeks since Aberdare.
Aberdare was good, I qualified for all the finals, 250GP and 600, this was my aim as there was no class for 400's.
I leave for the Manx on Friday morning and return 2 weeks and a day later, only to drive to Anglesey for the next round of the Wirral 100 Championship.
See you all soon.

Manx RVF400 takes first win at Tonfanau.
Southern 100 is over for another year, two 4th places and 3.5 second taken off my previous best lap time, down to 2.43.4,(94mph) a good meeting again.
Aintree results added, plus Tonfanau and Southern 100.
Race reports will follow when I get a chance.
Aberdare next weekend then three weeks of till the Manx.

Anglesey results added.
Manx RVF400 had is first outing on Sunday, all did not go exactly to plan but still had a 4th first time out so should not be to dishuffed really.

Aintree results added.
RVF400 for Manx and Southern is finally ready at RLR, will be collecting on Weds.
Southern 100, Aberdrae and Manx Grand Prix enteries all confirmed.

Have sent entry off to Aberdare Park today and will be there 19th/20th July. Bit close to the Southern 100 really but is more practice for the Manx and will be my last race before the Manx.

Just off for the weekend, Tonfanau Sunday and Anglesey Monday.
Long weekend ahead me thinks.

Nearly set for Aintree on Saturday, just need new chain to arrive and will be able to get some better gearing put on the R1.
Did test day there last week and the R1 showed 302kph on the back straight, thats 187mph!!!
Manx RVF should be ready by the end of May and up and running mid June ready for the next Aintree as a first test.
Sorry for th lack of update this year but with 3 bikes, a loft convertion, paving the back garden and holding down a job it a bit mad around here at the moment.

Manx entry acceptance arrived today, we are in.
Also in the Southern 100 again in July, both on the RVF400 only.
Still gettting over Anglesey last weekend and riding the R1 for the first time, she is so quick but will take some getting used to.

Just added pics from Anglesey at the weekend see Gallery 2.
New product to plug - see Banks Water Colours

Just back from Anglesey, results on results page. (novel idea, eh)
All I will say is 150odd BHP R1's are not really at home at Anglesey!

All set for the drag up to Anglesey again, but this time there is the added interest of riding the R1 for the first time. But if it's wet she is staying in the van, sorry but not riding that for the first time in the wet and at Anglesey, what do you think I am, bloody mad!!!

Click here to see the bikes, taken today.

Sorry had a bit of a PC night mare and lost half the web site , so may be a bit out of date at the moment.
Should be back to normal in a few days.

Just got back from the Isle of Man, been over there with the Mike Hailwood Foundation. The Foundation was set up to help new riders get to and have the best possible chances at the Manx Grand Prix.
To see this years riders and more details click here.

R1 pictures added, now complete.
RVF400 Road bike pictures added, now also complete.
RVF400 Manx, loads of gear ordered this week, should start building back together this week.
RVF400 2003 Short Circuit bike, Kit bottom rad arrived, pictured on page, also complete.
Going to the Isle Of Man next weekend with the Mike Hailwood Foundation to learn the circuit a bit more and some valuable advice.

Have had a feature done about me on  Real Road web site.
Take a look, I like it!
Click here to link to story.
Product support need for all bikes, can you help??????

After making a suprise purchase of another RVF400, we have decided to build a special bike for the road races this season.
Namely the Southern 100 and the Manx Grand Prix.
You can follow the progress of this bike @
RVF400 Manx.
I am currently looking for product support to build this special bike, if you can help please get in contact.
Oh- And there has been a massive update on the site, nearly every page has been updated today!

Check out my profile on Manx Newcomers Site, just trying to raise my profile a bit before the Manx GP.
Just got back from Amsterdam and had the shock of my life when sat a t a Italian restruant looked over only to realise we were sat next to Ralph Shumacher, Williams F1 driver, not every day that happens. I think he was a bit miffed that he had been recognised but we did not tell anyone and he left with the rest of the place none the wiser. Made me day though, even if he is German!

On the 21st Febuary 2003 I will be going over to the Isle of Man with the Mike Hailwood Foundation for a weekend of getting used to the 37.75 mile Mountain Circuit. The Mike Hailwood Foundation was set up to help promising newcomers to the Manx Grand Prix and offer help and guidence to help achive there full protentual. The weekend is spent learning the track with former Manx GP winners and regular riders.
I am very happy to accept this place but it will mean not being able to collect my trophy for the Wirral 100 Formula 400 Championship as their dinner is on the same weekend. But I have to look to the future and hope it all goes well.
Will give a let you know how it goes on my return!!!

Final Update for 2002.
Thank you all for your support in 2002, I look forward to seeing everyone in  2003 and wish you all a happy and joyful New Year.

Genral site refresh, Manx 2003 Plans and 2002 Season Reveiw added.

New section in ABR Profile added for Press Cuttings from the year.

Congatulatiions to Al & Bex from my sponsors Wessex International Transport (and one of my oldest and dearest friends) on the birth of there first child, a boy named Charlie, on the 14th November.
Well done the pair of ya!!

Collected the R1 today. R1 Page added to site. Can be found under "About ABR Motorsort". Can't wait till next season now.

Just leaving for Anglesey Grand but thought would let you know I will be riding a RLR prepared Yamaha R1 next season as well as the Honda RVF400.

Gallery update -Gallery #6 and Gallery #9 added.

Well only one race left this season, the end of season trip back to Anglesey and the Wirral 100 Anglesey Grand meeting.
I have been trying to get a Formula 400 bike on the grid for the Grand race but still not been told either way as to weither or not they are going to give me an entry.
So wish me luck, the championship is all but sealed so lets just go have some FUN!!!

Can confirm will be racing for the first time at Darley Moor this weekend.
Will be running #2 motor as have been having cooling problems with the #1 motor.

I will hopefully be making my first visit to the Darley Moor Circuit on 6th October. Very later change of plans due to not being able to fund trip to Isle of Man for the Jurby Endurance race, shame as should have won last year and on my bike had even better chance this year. But funds must be save now as the full Manx Grand Prix hit is on for 2003.

Yesterday we clinched the Cheshire and North Wales SuperSport 400 Championship for 2002. It was won by just 4 points in the end with a safe ride to 3rd at Anglesey.

The bike is all set for this weekends final round of the Cheshire and North Wales Championships at Ty Crosse in Anglesey. The bike has gone back to a standard gearbox as I could not get the close ratio version of the line well enough and was left with to much to do in the races to make back the ground I was loosing.
Thanks to Ricky and Gary at RLR for the quick change and set up advise on the bike, cheers.

Well as some may know it has not been the end of my season, I have had to buy another RVF400 to repair my race bike, thanks to my Mastercard for that. You may see from the results page that I did in fact race at Aintree just six days after the Mallory accident, did OK but me and the bike were not at 100% not suprising really.
But on a happier note I did OK at Tonfanau yesterday. 3 wins and 2 fastest laps and never seen the place till race morning.
Mallory and Tonfanau reports added.
Just a quick well done to my mate Graham Burdhen,Class C Formula 400 Newcomers winner in the Manx GP today, well done mate.
Also sorry to hear that another friend Mark Castle fell at the Bunglow while leading the same race.

Well this could be the end of my season for 2002. The bike is well and truly trashed and unless I can find some sponsorship that is the end for this season. Full list of damage will be on Mallory Race Report and will put photo's on the Gallery when I get chance. I am OK buy the way, bit of advice I learned today " Don't fall of at Gerrards at 120mph, it kin hurts" in more ways than one.

Championship Updates
New Era                      - Currently 10th after missing the last 4 rounds.
Aintree - Formula 400  - Currently about 8th.
           - 500 Open      - Currently about 5th.
Wirral 100                    - Currently leading championship and cannot be caught!!
Cheshire Championship - Currently leading championship with 2 rounds remaining.

Anglesey results added to site, sorry race report will have to wait till next week as will be away with family this week.

Southern 100 and Aintree race reports added.

Race Gallery has a new page with pictures from this years Southern 100 races. I had a great time over on the Isle of Man and will be back next year to try and go one step further and get on the podium.Results are also updated for Southern 100 and Aintree.
I will aslo be contesting the next round of the New Era Club Championships at Mallory Park in August.

Today all the gear and the bike was loaded on the van ready to go Monday morning to th Southern 100.
Let you know how I get on next week.

I would like to thank a new sponsor that has today joined my supprting team and thank another sponsor who has increased the support.
Firstly Training UK Ltd have finally put there faith in me and Two Tone Motors have increased there level of support. There are changes also afoot in the bike but will keep those to my self for the moment.

All is nearly set for the Southern 100 next week, all I need now is the bike back.
At present it is being set up ready for the trip to the Isle of Man and should be ready midweek. New body work is also on its way but will not make it in time for the trip so will have to take a old set as spares.
New sprockets are aslo coming as never need to go as fast as will need to on the long straights at the Southern.

Due to lack of sponsorship and continual engine problems that I have been suffering I have had to withdraw from the New Era Championship until further notice. This is a very sad situation and out of my control at this time.

The next two weeks are going to be very busy so may not get the site updated as fast as usual.
Tomorrow see me doing my first Bemsee round at Oulton Park, but will have to run a new engine in in practice and the first race, should be fun after dinner though. Then Tuesday is Donnington Park and my first New Era Superclub round of the season.
After this it is time to go to the IOM for the last day of the TT and then the Staem Packet Road Races. I will let you know how I get on after and when I get chance.

Well that makes up for the Aintree test day!
My first Double win of the season, well ever to be honest.
Clutch needs changing now which is a bit of a bind but what the hell, thats racing!

New engine is in the frame, will let you know how it goes after Cadwell this weekend.Forks also back from Maxton today so all nearly set for the weekend.
Bikesport News landed today and it seems that my rides at Anglesey earned me the "Performance ot the Day Award". Another pot for the shelf, but more importantly the first of the year.
I have also entered the Steam Packet Road Races the last races of the TT fortnight. Should be fun as I will be running the old NC30 not the RVF. The NC30 is actually sold but the new owner has given me the chance to race it over on the Isle of Man.

Recived my acceptance to the Southern 100 today, booked the ferry and all is now set.
All I need now is to secure funds to make it all happen.

All set for first visit to Anglesey this year.
After this weekend the forks are coming out of the bike and going for a freshening up at Maxton and with any luck the new motor will at last find it's new home.
Looks like Mark Castle will be out for a couple of months following his big get off at Cadwell, all the best and see you soon Mark. Dan is on the mend and should be back for the next round at Cadwell on 5th May.

Well what a weekend.
First go to copllect my caravan only to find some scum bag has broken in but must have run when the alarm went of as nothing was taken.
Then hook up to van only to not connect fully and fall off as I set off leaving the thing in the middle of the carpark.
Racing was good and good to see Jim,Mike and the boys.
On the way back the CV joint on the van gave up the ghost just as I got on the M6, 20 mile from home, just managed to limp home though.
Worst luck of the weekend goes to Dan Williams who unfortunatly dumped his bike twice, spent 4hours on a spine board at Grimsy Hospital, them some dirt bag nicked his push bike from the paddock while he is in A&E.