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I have decided rather than changing all the settings on my #1 bike that I will be building a special bike for the roads this season. Running more or less the same spec as the #1 bike but with softer suspension, standard seat unit and slightly lesser state of tune. The bike was bougth in boxes and will take a few months to complete but watch this space for details.

Latest Pictures just added, see bottom of this page.

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Proposed Specification.

2003 Manx ABR RVF400 :

74 bhp. RLR Stage III.
HRC Ignition.
Ram Air System.
Gas Flowed Heads.
Modified Inlet Ports.
Skimmed Heads.
Close Ratio Gearbox.
Weight Matched Rods and Pistons.
NGK Race Plugs.
Modified Carbs.
Kit Top & Bottom Rads.
MHP Twin Exhaust System.
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Looks like hard work!!

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The finished bike. Just needs preping and is ready to go.

Manx 2003 Chassis:
Saunders Alloy Fairing Mount.
RLR Alloy Fairing Stay.
NC30 Fuel Tank.
Vixen Shift Lights.
Ferrodo Brake Pads.
Kais Modified Front Forks.
Kit Rears Sets.
White Power Steering Damper.
KAIS Ohlins Rear Shock.
RLR Crash Mushrooms.
AMS Race Fairings.
AMS Race Seat Unit.
Scitcu Rev and Temp Gauges.
ABR Race Wiring Loom.

The bike has proven a sucsess, won second time out after finishing 4th in it first ever race and taking me to two 4th place finishes at the Southern 100. Roll on the Manx.

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Please check to see how my Manx Grand Prix preparation is going @ Manx GP Page.

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What a finished motor should look like.

AMS Motorsport have been the first to pledge support for this project with body work and crash protectors, check out there site for some great deals on road and race fairings.

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Kais Suspension have also pleged suppport in the form of building a one-off  Ohlins shock and full technical back up.

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Things are moving slowly with the RVF but we are getting ther, after all the Manx is still six months off.
3 hours of graft took the motor from this < to this >.
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Race wiring loom is now being manufactured at our state of the art machine shop, well garage, OK then shed!!

Fairing Brackets, Clocks, Clip-ons and Damper, all ready to be bolted on.

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Last Updated 13/07/2003
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