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ABR 2004 RVF4RR NC35 is to be built out of the remains of the 2003 Manx Grand Prix machine that was destroyed during the Newcomers Race in 2003.

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See the build progress click here.

2004 ABR RVF4RR :

80+ bhp. RLR Stage 4.
Ram Air System.
Gas Flowed Heads.
Modified Inlet Ports.
Skimmed High Compresion Heads.
Close Ratio Gearbox or Standard Gearbox.
Weight Matched Rods and Pistons.
NGK Race Plugs.
RLR modded HRC CDI, revs to 16.5K
RLR Modified NC30 Carbs.
Kit Alloy Top & Bottom Rad. Piping Mod.
RLR 4-2 Full Exhaust System.
Creations Kevlar Engine Armour.

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2004 Chassis:
Polished Frame and Swing Arm.
SES Hand Made Fairing Brackets.
Alloy Bolt Kit.
NC30 Fuel Tank.
Dymag 5.25" Rear Wheel.
Datatool Shift Lights.
Ferrodo Brake Pads.
Braided Lines.
Maxton/Kais Modified Front Forks.
Kit Rears Sets.
Ohlins Steering Damper.
Ohlins Rear Shock.
ABE/Braking Wavey Disks or EBC Pro-Lites.
RLR Crash Mushrooms.
AMS Race Fairings.
HRC RVF Seat Unit.
Harris Clip-ons.
Scitcu Rev and Temp Gauges.
SES Alloy Clock Mount.
ABR Race Wiring Loom.
Michelin Piolt Race Tyres.

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All this seasons bikes will be fitted with this sexy Carbon Kevlar Engine Armour from Creations, contact me for more details and prices.

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Last Updated 08/01/2005
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